Bulletin Schedule

The Sunday morning bulletins are broadcast on the 145.7875 MHz VHF Highveld Club repeater and on 7062 KHz SSB at 08:45 CAT.

Call-in's can be taken on any channel and will be re-broadcast automatically on to the other respective channels. The roster is as follows: On the 1st and 3rd Sunday we will have a bulletin reader / net controller. This will be shared by Berridge,  ZS6BFL and Doug,  ZS6BXU. All other Sundays will be a 'Round Robin' with no net controller.

In the event of Berridge or Doug not being available we have a volunteer who will stand in for them. This is subject to change. If you would like to provide input for the bulletins or if you would like to see a particular subject discussed, please contact us via email

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