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Dick gave an interesting presentation to the club on Moon Bounce and Meteor Scatter. This is a copy of an email he sent to me with the main links and information. If anyone has any further questions I am sure you could email him and he would be more than happy to assist in promoting this exciting aspect of our hobby. Broad-Band Balun


Hierdie antenna kom uit die CQ DL van 7/2001 en geen oorspronklikheid vir die skrywer word hiermee geimpliseer nie. Dit is 'n eenvoudige 20m antenna wat vinnig en maklik vervaardig en opgesit kan word. 20 M Antenna.pdf

For those who want to build a 1:6 balun for the HF frequencies, here is a schematic diagram 1:6 Balun.pdf.
For those who are looking for a 1.2:1 balun for HF frequencies. 50:72 ohm Balun.pdf.
For those who are looking for a 4:1 balun for HF frequencies 50:200 ohm Balun.pdf

The balun transformer is not new and has appeared in a variety of forms, the most popular of which are the bifilar air-wound coils for the low frequencies and the half-wave coaxial-line type.
This article was discussed on our bulletin and as promised, here is the entire article, copied from the QST. Broad-Band Balun

It is a basic truism that you can't get something for nothing, but I am not using "easy way" in this context. Rather, I am using "easy way" as the opposite of "hard way"...and as I talk to hams, on the air or in person, I get the feeling that many of us are, indeed, doing it the hard way. A real challenge, though, is getting hams to believe what I am going to say.... and I am going set forth some principles that you must accept, without reservation, before we can develop what follows. Of course, I cannot expect you to accept this "gospel" from just one source, so I begin with qualifying words from several authorities who carry blue- ribbon credentials. Non Resonant Antennas

This artical describes how to make a quadrifilar helix (QFH) antenna easily, from inexpensive materials, PVC plumbing pipe and RG-58U co-axial cable. No bending or soldering of copper pipe required. QFH 2 for 137

DMR Project


YLs who are't on the network yet, are requested to register in order to obtain their DMR-MARC ID ( Then get a communication unit, either VHF or UHF, according to the DMR repeater network in the vicinity. One who don't have access to a repeater, may use a DV unit, which is hooked to a local router. Be aware that there is equipment which is not fully compatible with the standards. In case of doubt consult the experts, or you drop me a line.

Join the TG by pressing momentary on your PTT. Now you are hooked to the TG for the next 15 minutes, and can listen to all the traffic, and break in. Hot Spots can be arrange to be static, and listen constantly on the TG.

For more information, please contact:
Dvora 4X4NW


This powerpoint is presented by Michelle,   W5MQC ~~ DMRYLRL

The most dangerous cake recipe in the world! Well, microwaves are used in many different ways, the way of this demonstration is "microwave ovens". So many hams in our club are single or live alone with their spouses now that the children have flown the coup.... so this handy recipe will give many a 'warm fuzzy moment'. Just for something extra I added the info on how to make an egg omelette in a Jiffy zip-loc bag. MicrowaveFun.pdf